3 Client Transformation Stories That Should Give You Peace of Mind in Uncertainty

3 Client Transformation Stories That Should Give You Peace of Mind in Uncertainty

September 01, 2020

Great financial health is easier to obtain with the right support by your side. Our Financial Strategists are attuned to the financial hurdles you face. They have successfully created individualized financial plans that have transformed our clients’ financial well-being.

Our team listens carefully to the needs of our clients. We identify solutions to help each individual achieve greater financial health.

This is just a preview of what’s accessible to you:

Transformation #1

Mark, a loyal client who had hesitations about transitioning his financial strategies.

  • Mark is a systems engineer at a software company.
  • Mark called Ty J. Young five years ago, reviewed information, received a personalized proposal from his Ty J. Young Strategist, and decided our investment strategy was right for him.
  • Mark wanted to remain loyal to his existing Financial Advisor.
  • Mark presented his TJY proposal to his local Financial Advisor, who opened accounts that he thought were similar to the TJY recommendation.
  • Four years later, Mark is incredibly disappointed with the results of his accounts.

With Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

  • Mark asks a TJY Financial Strategist to review the performance of his accounts.
    • The strategist immediately realizes that the accounts were set up incorrectly.
  • Mark asks his TJY Financial Strategist to take over his accounts:
    • His strategist changes the account allocations.
    • Begins a “bonus-on-bonus” system for the accounts.
    • Eliminates unnecessary fees.

Client Results: Mark’s accounts are now optimized and performing as intended. His rate of return has improved significantly and he’s paying no fees.

Client State of Mind: Mark feels relieved that his accounts are in better hands, and performing closer to his expectations. Mark feels a strong sense of financial security and is achieving optimal financial health.

Transformation #2

Bill & Beverly, a couple unsure of their financial security in uncertain times.

  • Bill is an incredibly tax-savvy and wise money manager.
  • Bill was more skeptical about placing money with TJY than Beverly, asking her, “Do you really want to give all our money to someone we just met?”
  • Beverly answered, “Yes!” And they did.

With Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

  • Almost 20 years later and they’ve enjoyed great benefits:
    • Experienced great returns.
    • Slept well when the stock market was volatile.
    • Didn’t lose any money during stock market crashes.

  • Bill passed away a couple years ago, but Beverly is still enjoying excellent financial health.
    • Her accounts were fully protected during COVID-19 stock market volatility.
    • Beverly now feels that her emotional health & financial health are protected when the stock market takes a hit and she’s grateful & confident that she will not be losing any money due to those fluctuations.

Client Results: Over the years, both Bill and Beverly have received great returns but most importantly they took the steps to fully protect their wealth. They stay protected to this day.

Client State of Mind: Beverly is grateful she made the right decision almost 20 years ago, and credits her Ty J Young Financial team with helping her achieve great emotional & financial health through many uncertain times.

Transformation #3

Diane, a young widow that gained financial peace of mind after her husband passed.

  • Diane’s been working with one of our dedicated financial strategists since 2008.
  • Unfortunately, Diane’s husband died prematurely in 2015, and left a large sum in death benefits.
    • It sat in the bank earning .02% for years.
    • We were concerned about her rate of return because it was costing her thousands in interest and she wasn’t benefiting from any of the growth our economy was seeing during that same period.

With Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

  • Diane decided to take a step toward fuller financial health, and she moved the rest of her accounts to Ty J. Young Wealth Management.
  • With a new investment strategy, Diane began to earn a reasonable rate of return with strong bonuses to grow her next egg.

Client Results: We have Diane’s accounts set up to grow while protected; so when she wants to retire & needs income, she will have the financial security she needs to do so.

Do you find yourself in a financial situation similar to any of these individuals?

It’s important to have a Financial Strategist who’s willing to listen, take the necessary steps, and create a financial strategy that will provide peace of mind for your future.

Schedule a call with one of our Financial Strategists to fine-tune your own financial growth.

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