5 Client Transformation Stories That Might Change Your Financial Outlook

5 Client Transformation Stories That Might Change Your Financial Outlook

September 23, 2021

Great financial health is easier to obtain with the right support by your side. Our Financial Strategists are attuned to the financial hurdles you face. They have successfully created individualized financial plans that have transformed our clients’ financial well-being.

Our team listens carefully to the needs of our clients. We identify solutions to help each individual achieve greater financial health. We put together five case studies that are common among our clients:

Transformation #1

Meet Brenda. She was a retiree who was frustrated with her net returns.

  • Brenda felt like her existing account was non-beneficial.
  • Brenda was extremely frustrated with the 3.0% fees she paid, and her net return was only 1.5% annually. This didn’t seem fair to her.
  • Brenda questioned whether her fees could be minimized and if she could increase her annual rate of return.

With Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

  • Brenda was no longer frustrated, because our Financial Strategist helped her understand what financial strategies suited her best.
  • Brenda’s annual fees were eliminated, saving her almost $6,000 a year.
  • Our financial strategist simplified her finances by creating a strategy where they were able to increase her potential rate of return to 6% to 8% historically.

Transformation #2

Meet Paul. He was fearful that his retirement hopes and dreams were in chaos.

  • Paul had two IRA’s and one 401k.
  • They were all at risk in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and he was afraid of market losses.
  • Paul and his wife lost sleep every time the market had a down day.
  • Paul struggled to cope with not knowing what he would do if he lost half of his retirement in a correction. How much he would owe in taxes? Would he and his wife out-live their money?

With Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

  • Paul’s Financial Strategist helped simplify his financial situation by creating a defined income plan.
  • Our team helped him move his 401k to accounts specifically selected for him.
  • By doing so, these accounts maximized his returns, protected his principal, eliminated fees, and guaranteed Paul would not lose money due to market fluctuations.
  • The market was up, and Paul received approximately 50% of the market increase.
  • These financial gains locked in on his anniversary.
  • Paul and his wife were at ease, knowing their money at Ty J. Young was secure and growing at a reasonable rate.

Transformation #3

Meet Fred. He lost a large chunk of his wealth in the 2008 market crash

  • Fred was planning to retire in 2009, but was hit hard in 2008 when he lost half his money in the stock market.
  • Fred was forced to work five years past his original retirement date.
  • Fearful of a future correction, Fred moved his money to a CD at the bank. He received less than 1.5% interest on his money.
  • Fred lost ‘buying power’ each year.

With Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

  • Fred’s Financial Strategist simplified his financial situation. He created a structure that provides: A better rate of return, Tax-smart growth, Protection from market losses.
  • Fred chose a strategy that outperformed the stock market over the last 20 years.
  • Fred only wished he knew his Ty J. Young Financial Strategist earlier, but he was extremely grateful to have his money protected and growing now with Ty J. Young Wealth Management.

Transformation #4

Meet Jason. He recently sold his business and was unsure of what to do with the money he earned.

  • Jason spoke with a local financial advisor and she suggested stocks and bonds. She recommended stocks for good returns and bonds for safety of principal.
  • Jason was uncertain about this recommendation and a friend recommended Ty J. Young Wealth Management.

With Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

  • Our Financial Strategist worked with Jason. He learned that bonds are generally safer than stocks, but they can still lose money.
  • They developed a strategy that was perfect for Jason and made him much more financially secure. His strategy protects and preserves his wealth against market losses.
  • Jason receives a reasonable rate of return when the market increases and his gains lock in annually.
  • Jason was happier than ever over the sale of his business. By coming to Ty J. Young Wealth Management, he was able to place his portfolio in an financial strategy that simultaneously helped him protect his wealth and participate in market gains. Most importantly, Jason was at peace about his future.

Transformation #5

Meet Debbie. She’s an on-the-go career woman with limited time.

  • Debbie is a single mom with two teenagers.
  • Debbie does not have the time to become a financial expert, because of her fast pace and demanding job.
  • Debbie needs to rollover her 401k in n financial vehicle that is high-quality, simple, and easy.

With Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

  • Our Strategist helped Debbie rollover her 401k from a previous employer.
  • She received a bonus on the day she opened the account. In addition, Debbie is receiving a reasonable rate of return.
  • The strategy consisted of no annual fees and she was particularly happy about that fact.
  • Our team handles all her financial details, because of her demanding lifestyle between her career and family. Debbie rests well, knowing her money is protected.

Do you find yourself in a financial situation similar to any of these individual?

It’s important to have a Financial Strategist who’s willing to listen, take the necessary steps, and create n financial strategy that will provide peace of mind for your future.

Schedule a call with one of our Financial Strategists to fine-tune your own financial growth.

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