A Set-Up That We Guarantee For All Our Clients

A Set-Up That We Guarantee For All Our Clients

June 01, 2020

You know what most people are afraid of? Not meeting expectations. We spend our lives making thoughtful decisions that will assure us benefits in return. This is why making wealth management choices can feel scary, because there are many investing options with little or no guarantees. Ty J. Young Wealth Management is dedicated to quality assurance that enriches our clients with peace of mind from day one to day ten thousand.

Here’s what to expect throughout the lifecycle of working with Ty J. Young Wealth Management:

What To Expect in the First 90-Days:

The foundation of financial health is the most important part to our firm. Unlike other traditional firms; we understand that the set-up of your account is the most important part to seeing success.

Here are the two distinct advantages of working with us:

  1. More Choices in Providers: Choosing an investment strategy with our firm gives you the best chance of curating a plan suited to your financial needs, because we have access to more specialized providers & custodians than [1] most anyone else. At the end of the day, it’s all about ensuring you have the freedom to customize & hand-select the best accounts for your long-term goals.
  2. Cross-Provider Investment Tracking: Our firm has created proprietary Consolidated Reporting Tools that give you a bird’s eye view into your entire financial picture. These tools uniquely give you the full account of your portfolio regardless of the custodians selected, giving us immense flexibility to meet your specific financial needs. Our bottom line is to grow your bottom line.

Throughout this foundational period, you’ll have a Strategist by your side from the first call through money transfer. After becoming a client, your dedicated team works behind the scenes to provide [2] white-glove service through the rest of your account life.

Our promise is that you don’t lift a finger through the process, other than to sign your paperwork.

What To Expect in the First Year:

Our Financial Team is consistently doing the heavy and careful work to protect your nest-egg over the course of the year – offering a comprehensive annual review to discuss cross-account performance & fine-tune any strategies based on changing financial needs.

Why do we emphasize the importance of an Annual Review? The Ty J. Young approach maximizes our client’s rate of return. This aspect requires us to keep the course, adjusting your account allocations for current market conditions all while applying strategic analysis allowing for steadier growth. We believe slow & steady may just win the race.

This doesn’t mean we sleep on your account throughout the year. We provide supplemental reviews as your situation may change, and keep an eye out for our monthly educational content series from our Financial Strategists. Knowledge-share is an important quality that we value. While partnering with our firm, it’s our goal to keep you informed of anything that may change in the industry.

What To Expect Over A Lifetime:

Our dedication to providing holistic wealth management solutions for our clients has become a strength of our firm. This is where our clients say we really shine!

The Results:‍

  1. Our clients haven’t been affected by any market fluctuations.
  2. Our investment strategies have, historically, outperformed [3] the stock market over the last 20 years.
  3. We don’t lose money in the down years, because we go up, never down.

The Resources:‍

  1. We have the resources to ensure you are always ahead of the curve. Our firm has over 20 years of focused experience in creating protected strategies. We value cross-team collaboration and host think tanks to overcome any market barrier we face
  2. Our in-house industry partners and economic analysts constantly guide us on strategic insights and market trends to ensure we’re prepared for anything standing in your way of achieving a secured financial future.
  3. Our Financial Team customizes individual plans across the length of your account. Should anything change in your life, then our Financial Team continues to finesse your account-holdings to maximize your withdrawals and ensure your investment strategy is tax smart.

Gaining the right results for our client’s financial health is the goal, but it’s the connections from each relationship we encounter that motivates our firm day in and day out. We value doing the hard hands-on work, providing our clients with the very best investment strategies for their retirement nest-egg.

If you have questions about your account, or if we’re not delivering on any of the benefits above, please give us a call.