Let's Talk About Growing Your Money

We all know Aesop’s famous fable of “The Hare & the Tortoise.”

Who won the race?

It was not the swift hare; it was the consistent tortoise. While the hare took a nap, the tortoise continued toward the finish line slow and steady.

Three important points when it comes to growing your money:

  1. Consistent Gains
  2. Compound Interest
  3. Never Going Backwards

What if there was an investment strategy where you could go up with the stock market, your gains lock in on an annual basis, and when the market goes down, you don’t lose anything? You could go forward with your money and never backward. You could grow your money and never lose money. What if that investment strategy—that product—actually existed? Great news . . . it does! It is called a Fixed Index Annuity.

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You could have your retirement money in a product where it is completely protected against market losses and earning stock market index gains—historically about 6-8%. Maybe you have an IRA, 401(k), money at the bank, or money currently in the stock market that you want to GROW and PROTECT at the same time.

If you compare the stock market returns with our strategy, it is clear that consistent, compound returns and never going backwards can offer the growth you want and the safety of principal you need.

The second secret to financial security is: Grow Your Money.

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