Meet Our Team

Ty J. Young Wealth Management

September 9, 2021

There are so many people behind the scenes that make the Ty J Young Wealth Management Firm, & the clients we work with, feel like a true family.  

Below, you’ll meet a handful of the amazing team members that work hard to ensure your path to financial health is secure, rewarding & gives you peace of mind.

Kelly is our onboarding specialist - helping welcome each client as they make the decision to enter the Ty J. Young family. With the knowledge to partner with each client through the confusing & otherwise stressful paperwork process, she puts their mind at ease as she takes the position as their valuable companion from beginning to end. Kelly reminds us there’s an abundance of rewards gained from helping someone start their path to achieving their financial goals!

Next up, let’s meet Brian, our VP of Financial Strategy. Starting as an apprentice himself, Brian has inherited Ty J Young’s passion & care for constantly improving the financial outlook for clients. When we talk about being on top of market trends and being champions for our clients’ financial health, Brian comes top of mind. Brian approaches optimizations for current clients with heart,  ensuring that the strategies are evolving based on what’s happening in the market and attuned to individual clients’ goals. Listen for his one piece of advice for your upcoming retirement.

Let’s meet Mary, our client services manager. Mary leads a team through kindness and patience. Each client never has to question if they have a financial caregiver that handles their questions, concerns & worries with the highest attention. Mary & her dedicated team work hard because of their compassion for the client’s well-being & the genuine relationships they’ve created with many of them.

Last, but by no means least, let’s meet Ken! As a kind-hearted leader, Ken brings a celebratory culture to our team. There’s a genuine appreciation for the hard work accomplished within the Ty J Young walls, and he strives to make sure that’s featured & celebrated at every step. Ken has instilled a positive system & attitude that spills out into how every team member acts and cares for clients, & each other, with honor.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know just a few of our valuable team members! If you’d like to know more, feel free to visit We can’t wait to meet you.


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