Ty's How To: Prepare for Retirement in your 50s

Ty J. Young Wealth Management

September 9, 2021

Ty’s strategy is simple. In your 50’s, it’s time to really check your investments to ensure you have the 3 keys to a successful & financially healthy retirement. Watch here & find out if you have a balanced and secure approach.

Are you approaching retirement and certain your financial assets are in the right vehicles for security and longevity? If so, congratulations! You’ve done a lot of heavy lifting to prepare for your financial future. Now you have to ask yourself this question, are you fully prepared for what’s next? Will you have enough?

Now is the time to take inventory. Ty J. Young Wealth Management in Atlanta has created several strategies to ensure that you have a successful and healthy retirement. Here’s how:

Or watch Ty J Young’s 3 keys to a successful jump into retirement here.

#1: Income Planning

Income planning is the first leg into a successful retirement. You probably have your assets in a 401K, IRA, or Roth IRA, and even have multiple streams of income. That’s outstanding! Now it’s time to make sure you have a properly diversified portfolio.

A properly diversified portfolio includes how you’ll get your monthly income to replace what you were earning when you were working. Our Atlanta Financial Advisors encourage all of our clients to diversify their portfolios, but it’s not a silver bullet. Security requires more than just pure diversification & income streams.

#2: Growth

Building your income plan should certainly include growth potential that can help you cover your needs and many of your wants during retirement. Creating a strategy that allows your assets to develop requires discipline, and it is essential to a happy retirement.

This is supposed to be an enjoyable and well-deserved time of your life and you have to consider how you’ll be able to enjoy many of the things you’ve dreamed of. If you don’t know where to start, check with one of our Ty J. Young retirement strategists to help you manage the best options for you that don’t rely solely on risk-associated investments.

#3: Protection

The last leg of Ty J. Young’s strategy is one that’s often overlooked: protection. Don’t be fooled, a balanced protection strategy is one that gives you a reasonable rate of return and protects you against market losses. And unfortunately, the bond market doesn’t provide you protection against losses.

Market volatility is always unexpected, which often leads to hysteria and massive sell-offs, but there are ways to safeguard your wealth from these unfortunate drops in value. Our Financial Strategists suggest that a balanced investment strategy protects a percentage of your wealth that matches your age. For example, if you’re 58 years old, you need 58% of your money protected against market losses.

In Conclusion

Let us do the heavy lifting to help create a balanced approach that will lead to financial health and peace of mind. Our Atlanta Financial Advisors are experts in creating an individualized and stable financial plan.

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Over the past 20+ years, Ty J. Young Wealth Management has become a nationally recognized expert in preserving retirement goals in times of market volatility. Building relationships with over 6,000 clients nationwide, Ty J. Young Wealth Management is a top financial planning firm located in Atlanta that empowers clients to improve their financial health, weather market changes, and gain peace of mind for their future.


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