Ty's How To: Setting Yourself Up For Retirement Success at 35

Ty J. Young Wealth Management

September 9, 2021

Retirement Planning can truly start at any age. If you’re on the right trajectory in your 30’s, we believe there are simple ways to boost the effectiveness of your money later in life.

A financial reward in retirement usually takes proactivity early in life. If you’re on the right trajectory in your 30’s, our Wealth Management Firm in Atlanta believes there are simple ways to boost the effectiveness of your money later in life.

Do you know one of the single most important steps to a successful retirement? The proper diversification of your portfolio. People are often surprised by this answer, but our strategists recommend protection as an integral piece to proper diversification.

The thought of losing money is a nightmare if you’re unprepared. Here are two tips to stay protected early.

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Tip #1 Never Lose Money

A market crash is always unexpected and leaves many unprepared. Losing money is something everyone tries to avoid and making decisions during a panic can lead to all your hard work thrown out the window. We practice Warren Buffet’s number one rule of Investing, “Never Lose Money.”  Ty J. Young advises a balanced retirement plan that earns a reasonable rate of return, growth, all while providing protection from market losses.

Tip #2: High Risk Doesn’t Always Equate to “Jackpot” Earnings

Oftentimes we think our financial plans need to be high-risk to hit the “jackpot.” But that’s not the full story.

Creating a strong safety net should be one of the most essential parts of building your financial portfolio. When automakers test cars, they’re constantly observing the strength of the seatbelts and safety systems to protect their passengers. In this case, your money is the passenger and the seatbelt is your security against a volatile market.

In your 30’s you should be focused on building a financial support team that understands the best way to set up an individualized financial strategy for you. It’s important that they know what works best for your goals because there are thousands of ways to strategize & thousands of ways to get it wrong. If you’re not protected against an uncertain market with a reasonable rate of return when the market is growing, then you should find yourself a new seatbelt.

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Over the past 20+ years, Ty J. Young Wealth Management has become a nationally recognized expert in preserving retirement goals in times of market volatility. Building relationships with over 6,000 clients nationwide, Ty J. Young Wealth Management is a top financial planning firm located in Atlanta that empowers clients to improve their financial health, weather market changes, and gain peace of mind for their future.


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