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1.  Am I locking up my money?

Depends on how you look at it. The money that goes into these types of products should only be longer-term growth money… money where your objective is long-term growth, with safety. By making the time commitment, you effectively – in the best accounts – eliminate the annual fees that you might have to pay with other types of investments. Here – instead of paying fees, you make a time commitment. Eliminating fees is a big advantage when it comes to growing your money.

2.  Do I have access to my money without penalty

Yes, in the best accounts, you can always access up to 10% per year, every year, for any reason, with no penalty for early withdrawal—after the first year. The question is, is 10% per year enough?

3.  How much is the commission/annual fee?

The best accounts have a time commitment, as a result, our clients are never charged a commission or an annual fee. Our income as a firm comes directly from the insurance company.

4.  What happens if I die?

In the best accounts, 100% of your account value is paid to your beneficiaries in a lump sum with no waiting.

5.  Should I try and recover some of my losses before I move my money into this type of annuity?

Great news! You don’t have to wait. In the best accounts, when the market comes back up, you make money. The difference is, your gains will lock in on an annual basis, and you’ll never lose money based on market fluctuations again. Waiting only prolongs the discomfort of having the money you may need for security at risk of possibly being lost.

6.  What should I expect as a return on this money?

A good index annuity averages 6-8% compound historically over a long period of time. Interesting Fact: There are time periods when a good index annuity actually outperforms the stock market.

7.  What is the minimum?

$100,000 is our minimum to open an account.

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